The history of historical materials, showing the thickness of the party history

The history of historical materials, showing the thickness of the party history

[First-line tell] Historiography research is true.

From the years of research, teaching and management experience, I found that there is a solid historical foundation, analyzing the comprehensive, historical scenarios, not only gets the scholars and students in the historiographic field, but also get non-professional people. Widely recognition, thereby producing a good social effect.

This is more obvious in the field of party history research: in recent years, good party history and teaching materials are vivid, discusses profound, and often lead to the resonance of ordinary readers.

As a result, I deeply realized that in the education of party history, actively explore, organize, research and sharing the history of the history of all kinds of rare party history of the people who have been neglected, and dig up the Great Party spirit of the 100-year-old party and the Communists. The spirit of hard work, the extensive development of the party history and education, providing an informative historical materials and strong historical research results, should be the glorious mission of historical scholars to bear.

East China Normal University has excellent tradition and deep accumulation in the field of party history research.

In June 2020, the school support promoted China’s history, the world history, Marxism theory, political science, and economics. On the basis of the related six virtual research centers, the socialist history and literature in East China Normal University. Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "social research institute"), as a school-level entity research platform for "four history" research.

Since the study of party history, the Social Research Institute has organized high-end academic research, promoting high-end academic research, promoting the cultivation of party history knowledge, and strives to promote and deepen in "research".

On the one hand, relying on the "four history" literature historical centers established in the Institute, relevant literature history is collected, organized and digitized.

At present, the content of the literature has reached 10 million, and there are more rare materials; the literature historical materials that have been published or peenned are 5 series, nearly 150 volumes; the integrated literature database containing 8 subclauses is continuous construction. On the other hand, organize the scientific research and investigations in the school and the top scholars at home and abroad have formed a reasonable, relevant research power, the six major scientific research teams living in the leading position at home and abroad, and continued to carry out "four history" "Research," The History of Reform and Opening and Opportunity "and other series series of books are being written.

On the basis of these work, the colleagues in our association are also constantly active in promoting research results, enhance social service capabilities: as a school education in Shanghai and school students, "four history" learning education experts propaganda group Members, go into large and medium-sized primary schools, government departments, enterprises and institutions, etc. to carry out many cooperation with relevant national departments and other brothers, research institutions in the collection and sharing of relevant party history materials; rich form carriers, Organize experts from famous parties in China, launched 16th lectures on the "China Communist Party and 100-year-old" series; in school and other education, cultural institutions to carry out "historical footprints – China Communist Party and 100-year-old" historical tourism tourism, etc. Good response.

In the future, the Social Research Institute will continue to promote the historical materials of the party history collection, research, teaching and publicity work, and focus on building scientific research and promotion of high-quality party history, training and promotion of high quality party history, teaching and promotion. Provide help for party history research.