The advanced deeds of the "Plateau Border Model Camp" in the Tibet Military Region becomes a national defense education

The advanced deeds of the "Plateau Border Model Camp" in the Tibet Military Region becomes a national defense education

"I also have to be a soldier, like the uncle of the People’s Liberation Army, and hold the steel gun to defend the motherland!" Since mid-September, the Tibet Shigati army division has sent a small team with the "Plateau Border Model Camp" and the teaching materials, in-depth community Carry out national defense education.

The real story, the passionate story, causing strong resonance in the majority of teachers and students.

Recently, President Xi’s "High Plaen Of Model Camp" will reply to the official and soldiers, encourage them to strengthen the mission, carry forward good traditions, strengthen the training of training, and fulfill the responsibilities of the guards, and strive to make new work for the party and people.

"The advanced deeds of the" Plateau Border Model Camp "is the most vivid national defense education textbook." The leaders of the military partition introduced that they quickly set up a small packet, organize relevant information, and vivid historical and fresh stories. Students tell the "Plateau Border Model Camp" officers and men to root the snowy plateau, loyal to the advanced deeds of the responsibilities of the Wei Guo, firmly in the country and students, and report the statement of the country, incentive, the majority of students have worked hard, dreaming.

The reporter saw in the first senior middle school in Shigatse, and the emotion of the small team infected the teachers and students infected with the top.

I heard the emotion, many students shed tears.

At the end of the event, the teachers and students will write to the love card on the words of the officers and soldiers.

"The students communicated the truth with cards, expressing their respect for the officers and soldiers. I believe this deep spiritual baptism will broadcast red seeds in the hearts of the children." Xue Qingshi, the principal Xue Qing said.

5 officers and men of the "Plateau Border Model Camp" in Shigatse City, the "Plateau Shu Model Camp" have a deep affectionate story about their loyal guards.

A fresh touching detail, let the students seem to be immersive, see the scene they have fight; a photo of Zhang Feng Xue, a broken patrol suit, reproduce them, will be willing to suffer, will be dedicated The spiritual style, the warm applause will sound from time to time.

"Uncle of the People’s Liberation Army is really good, I have to go to the army.

"The first-year student of the school said.

Strong military stories entered the campus and cultivated the border people. Through this preaching, the general teachers and students of the station have expressed their way to study officers and men of the "Plateau’s model camp", and care for the construction of defense to serve the motherland with more excellent results. (军, 良) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.