The city’s professional investment governor has opened Huanggang News Net

The city’s professional investment governor has opened Huanggang News Net

Your present position: Huanggang Daily News (Reporter Shen Hongxing correspondent Xu Wei) how to accurately grasp the requirements of investment promotion? How to supplement the introduction of the investment to pay the short board? What are the high quality items? On the evening of November 15, the city’s professional investment in China’s first training was opened. This training is launched in the form of video, and the main venue is located in the Municipal Merchants Service Center meeting room, and the counties and urban areas.

A total of 344 national investment cadres from the city’s investment system and urban parks participated in the training.

In order to fully promote the improvement of the city’s professional investment work, accelerate the promotion of professional investment promotion, the city investment center will organize the city’s professional investment in the city. The first phase of training theme is: insisting on problem-oriented, instructing all relevant departments to play a relatively advantage, admission to the standard, in-depth study analysis of the current outstanding problems faced by the city’s professional investment work, find high quality, comprehensive policy, promote professional investment high quality developing.

At the training session, the Secretary of the Party Group, Director of the Municipal Merchants Service Center, Zhang Jingping, deputy director Zhang Jingping, the main person in charge of the Murcheng Merchants Center, respectively, how to identify the quality project? "" Better promotion of project transformation? "And other content for special counseling.

One question is a needle, one item moves directly to the target. Speaker, the listener put it.

After the training, the participation of China Merchants Cadres is still unfinished. They have published a class experience in the work group: "The content of the lecture focuses on professional investment, straightforward problems, very thirsty.

"" Listening to today’s class, there is a feeling of filling the top. Usually encountered problems, work in the work, found the answer in the explanations of teachers. (Editor: Li Good).