Shanxi Legislative Protection Traditional Village Retains Beautiful Township

Shanxi Legislative Protection Traditional Village Retains Beautiful Township

People’s Network Taiyuan November 26th (Sang Liyuan) traditional village is an important carrier of China’s outstanding traditional culture, and protects traditional villages to talk about Chinese stories, remember to live in homesick, and promote the important means of rural revitalization. On November 26, the newspaper held a news conference from the General Office of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress, "Shanxi Provincial Traditional Village Protection Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations) will be implemented on March 1, 2022, for the province The effective protection of traditional village resources provides legal protection.

There are many quantities of traditional villages in Shanxi Province. There are 550 in the traditional Chinese village directory. It is the most traditional village in the northern region, the most complete, the most complete settles, the most abundant type.

In recent years, Shanxi has attached great importance to the protection of traditional villages. The functional department actively acts as a significant phase and regional protection work has achieved significant results.

According to reports, the "Ordinance" is solved by the rule of law, the declaration, the system, planning management, protection and utilization of the protection work in Shanxi is highlighted, further enhancing the targeted, effectiveness, and operability of legislation, and is the traditional tradition of Shanxi. The protection and reasonable use of village resources provide a rule of law.

A total of six chapters, 44, divided into general, identified and planning, protection and development, security and supervision, legal responsibility, and approvals.

The Regulations stipulate that fund support is increased and broaden investment channels. In Article 31, the people’s governments above the county level shall arrange funds in the financial budget of this grade, and they can co-consolidate relevant funds and used for the protection and development of traditional villages.

Article 33 Announce civilians, legal and other organizations participate in the protection of traditional villages through investment, establishment of funds, donations, and shareholdings. At the same time, the Regulations "adhere to" to develop in the protection of the protection, "promoting activation utilization.

Article 26 of Article 264404 describes the traditional villages into the tourism brand strategy, carrying out protective development, moderate ordered development of rural tourism, leisure holidays, ecological contributions.

Article 29 stipulates that villages (residential) people can enter the share of houses, funds, labor services, etc., engage in tourism management activities such as homestay, catering and other activities.

The traditional village is incorporated into the tourist scenic spot, and the contract shall be concluded with the Village Residents Committee and to extract a certain proportion from tourism revenue for traditional village protection; traditional architecture is open to visit the tourist place, should be signed with traditional architectural ownership or use rights protocol.

In addition, the "Regulations" clearly activated inheritance and resolved how to develop.

In this way, "the house is used up, the village is live, the culture is bright", from the completion of infrastructure and public service facilities, improve the traditional village living environment, inject new state, such as protective tourism development, and carry out cultural memory inheritance Activities, implementing a centralized coil protection and utilization, measures, making historical and cultural and modern life into one, achieving sustainable inheritance. At present, the pilot project in Jincheng City is based on the introduction, Qixian, Pingding, Pingshun, Wing City, Qu Wo 6 provincial pilot counties (cities), is carrying out demonstration leaders, digital display, protection inheritance, brand Construction of "1 + 6" pilot demonstration of 4 major actions.

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