The Hong Kong Women’s Association held the 2nd "Wooden Construction Xinli Forum" Lu Xinning attended and delivered a speech

The Hong Kong Women’s Association held the 2nd "Wooden Construction Xinli Forum" Lu Xinning attended and delivered a speech

Deputy Director of Lu Xinning.

(Source: Central Government Affairs Office) This website, this website, on October 23, Hong Kong Women’s Joint Association held the 2nd "Wooden Construction Suggestive Forum", and Deputy Director Lu Xinning was invited to attend and published a chair.

Hong Kong Special Administrative Regional Chief Expo Lin Zheng Yuexi, Vice Chairman of the National Women’s Federation Huang Xiaowei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lu Xinning said that from the world, Hong Kong’s women’s career achievements are extraordinary.

As an international metropolis, it is both contributed to the traditional orientation of the Oriental Culture, which is also integrated with the deep world civilization, and has achieved good results in men and women.

Future, Hong Kong can take the leader of the tower culture, to avoid the traditional China, and the advantages of the East Western cultural advantages, and let women become the owner of their own liberation, the main body of the society, believe in the main body of social development Provide valuable "Hong Kong Samples" for the development of women in women.

From the perspective of Hong Kong’s own development, women are more important. Hong Kong women account for%, more than "half-side days".

Female problem solves, Hong Kong’s problem solves half; women’s role played, Hong Kong’s development increases at least half of power. Today’s Hong Kong has been ruled by chaotic, from governance, enters in a new historical stage, Hong Kong women can play an irreplaceable role in promoting social harmony, promoting economic development, and promoting international exchanges.

Hong Kong wants to write a new chapter in the world, and it is unhappy to be a valuable "female force".

  Lu Xin Ning pointed out that men and women are equivalent to China’s basic national policy.

The central government cares about the future of Hong Kong and also cares about the development of women in Hong Kong.

Improve the electoral system this year, the first time in the selection of committees, 15 women’s communities were clearly established, fully reflecting respect and expectations for women. I believe that there is a central government concern, there is a SAR government’s efforts, and the support of all walks of life has created a brilliant history of Hong Kong, which must develop new space for their own development, to create new possibilities for Hong Kong, add new light color . The forum also invited the mainland women’s community, the representative of Hong Kong women’s elite and the international women’s representatives discussed in the growth of business and commercial finance, health sports, social education, and art culture, etc., more than a thousand participants underline online.

Three assessment "Baidu is dead?" Three: about the future, they do not look forward to the times

Three assessment "Baidu is dead?" Three: about the future, they do not look forward to the times

Throughout today, from time to space, from production to life, to digital, networked, intelligent characterized by the information revolution, gave birth around us are familiar with a number of Internet companies, not only created for people to acquire knowledge, expression demands, the spiritual home of emotional exchange, but also for development to create the transformation and upgrading, innovation-driven, cross-border integration of the powerful engine. Internet like air everywhere and at all times there, like water, like interactive Internet to pass on.

For some time, however, the Internet industry "blind enclosure" "walled fence" and frequent chaos, inconvenience to the user experience, but also cast a shadow over prospects for development.

One wonders future of the Internet in the end is a multi-level opposition, barriers clusters, or communication and collaboration, open sharing? Public answer is obvious, but the Internet giant to hand over the answer is not satisfactory.

It is said that today’s Internet giants no shortage of market capitalization, no shortage of income, no shortage of users, with the exception of missing values, stable output. So-called "German does not coordinate, there must be no plague." From a public management perspective, the Internet giant’s dominant market position actually formed another sense of "social public power" can make good use of the benefit, with crooked will be endless troubles.

If replaced with sectarianism development vision, seeking only "to occupy the site," engrossed "fighting friction," just grab a "head flow" or even to maintain a monopoly to suppress competition by whatever means, will not only inhibit the innovation and vitality of the Internet industry, but also weaken forward momentum whole society open sharing, interoperability. There should be a big big way.

Here the "big", referring not only to the large body mass, scale, but also to include a broad pattern of high, realm.

Holding a huge flood of data, it is sitting on hundreds of millions of user traffic, how to manage the use of a test of the wisdom and power of the Internet giant.

You know, more industry, no matter how high the market value, must comply with conservation call of the times, respond to the needs of users of corporate culture, and economic development and expansion of the Internet with the same gas demand, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to the same concentric.

Since the reform and opening up, China’s policy support and stable social environment, provide fertile ground for the development and expansion of Internet companies.

On the contrary, the growth of giant Internet companies should provide high-quality development of Chinese economy steady stream of power and fulfill the responsibility to fulfill, to contribute their efforts to achieve the goal of a two hundred years.

In this regard, you may wish to refer to those century-old wind and rain is not bad. They survive password in the "fellow Rende, Jishi health" feelings, right in the "day and elegant, Houde Zhi Yuan," the pursuit.

If you simply intoxicated "third acre of land," the short-sighted move, every turn initiation "Prison," the plain thinking, such enterprises destined to become racket waves on the beach, not to promote the former "China No." ship of the line wave.

The Internet is the largest incremental development, the biggest variable is facing us. For this reason, "the website do not pursue hits, open shop to guard against counterfeiting, do not become a social platform rumors diffuser, not only do the search much money as the qualifying standard. Hope the majority of Internet companies adhere to economic and social unity, in their own development, and drink from the source, back to society for the benefit of the people.

"This is the most profound wake-up call Internet companies, but also the majority of users the most sincere look forward links.:.

The advanced deeds of the "Plateau Border Model Camp" in the Tibet Military Region becomes a national defense education

The advanced deeds of the "Plateau Border Model Camp" in the Tibet Military Region becomes a national defense education

"I also have to be a soldier, like the uncle of the People’s Liberation Army, and hold the steel gun to defend the motherland!" Since mid-September, the Tibet Shigati army division has sent a small team with the "Plateau Border Model Camp" and the teaching materials, in-depth community Carry out national defense education.

The real story, the passionate story, causing strong resonance in the majority of teachers and students.

Recently, President Xi’s "High Plaen Of Model Camp" will reply to the official and soldiers, encourage them to strengthen the mission, carry forward good traditions, strengthen the training of training, and fulfill the responsibilities of the guards, and strive to make new work for the party and people.

"The advanced deeds of the" Plateau Border Model Camp "is the most vivid national defense education textbook." The leaders of the military partition introduced that they quickly set up a small packet, organize relevant information, and vivid historical and fresh stories. Students tell the "Plateau Border Model Camp" officers and men to root the snowy plateau, loyal to the advanced deeds of the responsibilities of the Wei Guo, firmly in the country and students, and report the statement of the country, incentive, the majority of students have worked hard, dreaming.

The reporter saw in the first senior middle school in Shigatse, and the emotion of the small team infected the teachers and students infected with the top.

I heard the emotion, many students shed tears.

At the end of the event, the teachers and students will write to the love card on the words of the officers and soldiers.

"The students communicated the truth with cards, expressing their respect for the officers and soldiers. I believe this deep spiritual baptism will broadcast red seeds in the hearts of the children." Xue Qingshi, the principal Xue Qing said.

5 officers and men of the "Plateau Border Model Camp" in Shigatse City, the "Plateau Shu Model Camp" have a deep affectionate story about their loyal guards.

A fresh touching detail, let the students seem to be immersive, see the scene they have fight; a photo of Zhang Feng Xue, a broken patrol suit, reproduce them, will be willing to suffer, will be dedicated The spiritual style, the warm applause will sound from time to time.

"Uncle of the People’s Liberation Army is really good, I have to go to the army.

"The first-year student of the school said.

Strong military stories entered the campus and cultivated the border people. Through this preaching, the general teachers and students of the station have expressed their way to study officers and men of the "Plateau’s model camp", and care for the construction of defense to serve the motherland with more excellent results. (军, 良) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.

The history of historical materials, showing the thickness of the party history

The history of historical materials, showing the thickness of the party history

[First-line tell] Historiography research is true.

From the years of research, teaching and management experience, I found that there is a solid historical foundation, analyzing the comprehensive, historical scenarios, not only gets the scholars and students in the historiographic field, but also get non-professional people. Widely recognition, thereby producing a good social effect.

This is more obvious in the field of party history research: in recent years, good party history and teaching materials are vivid, discusses profound, and often lead to the resonance of ordinary readers.

As a result, I deeply realized that in the education of party history, actively explore, organize, research and sharing the history of the history of all kinds of rare party history of the people who have been neglected, and dig up the Great Party spirit of the 100-year-old party and the Communists. The spirit of hard work, the extensive development of the party history and education, providing an informative historical materials and strong historical research results, should be the glorious mission of historical scholars to bear.

East China Normal University has excellent tradition and deep accumulation in the field of party history research.

In June 2020, the school support promoted China’s history, the world history, Marxism theory, political science, and economics. On the basis of the related six virtual research centers, the socialist history and literature in East China Normal University. Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "social research institute"), as a school-level entity research platform for "four history" research.

Since the study of party history, the Social Research Institute has organized high-end academic research, promoting high-end academic research, promoting the cultivation of party history knowledge, and strives to promote and deepen in "research".

On the one hand, relying on the "four history" literature historical centers established in the Institute, relevant literature history is collected, organized and digitized.

At present, the content of the literature has reached 10 million, and there are more rare materials; the literature historical materials that have been published or peenned are 5 series, nearly 150 volumes; the integrated literature database containing 8 subclauses is continuous construction. On the other hand, organize the scientific research and investigations in the school and the top scholars at home and abroad have formed a reasonable, relevant research power, the six major scientific research teams living in the leading position at home and abroad, and continued to carry out "four history" "Research," The History of Reform and Opening and Opportunity "and other series series of books are being written.

On the basis of these work, the colleagues in our association are also constantly active in promoting research results, enhance social service capabilities: as a school education in Shanghai and school students, "four history" learning education experts propaganda group Members, go into large and medium-sized primary schools, government departments, enterprises and institutions, etc. to carry out many cooperation with relevant national departments and other brothers, research institutions in the collection and sharing of relevant party history materials; rich form carriers, Organize experts from famous parties in China, launched 16th lectures on the "China Communist Party and 100-year-old" series; in school and other education, cultural institutions to carry out "historical footprints – China Communist Party and 100-year-old" historical tourism tourism, etc. Good response.

In the future, the Social Research Institute will continue to promote the historical materials of the party history collection, research, teaching and publicity work, and focus on building scientific research and promotion of high-quality party history, training and promotion of high quality party history, teaching and promotion. Provide help for party history research.

Six-Marionet Water City Volkswagen Entrepreneur Innovatie Activiteitsweek Begonnen

Six-Marionet Water City Volkswagen Entrepreneur Innovatie Activiteitsweek Begonnen

Op 19 oktober, de National Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Innovation Activity Activity Week gelanceerd. Het thema van deze gebeurtenisweek is "Hoogwaardige innovatiecreatie, op hoog niveau ondernemerschap."

Op dezelfde dag werd in 2021 de Six-Panshui City Volkswagen Entrepreneurial Innovation Activity Week gehouden in de Six Sale.

In de afgelopen jaren heeft de stad veel belang gehecht aan het innovatiewerk van Volkswagen Entrepreneurship. Door de verbetering van het regeringsservicesysteem te versnellen, optimaliseert het optimaliseren van ondernemersinnovatieomgevingen, het verbeteren van ondernemersinnovatiemogelijkheden, en verbreden van ondernemers innovatiekanalen, en geleidelijk het "Double Double Innovation City Creatie "Goede atmosfeer, effectief stimuleren van de vitaliteit van de markt, verbeterde sociale creativiteit, condenseren de positieve energie van hervorming en ontwikkeling, en bevorderde sterk de aanhoudende en gezonde ontwikkeling van de economische en samenleving van de stad.

Bij de lanceringsceremonie sprak de "dubbele creatieve" zakelijke vertegenwoordiger afzonderlijk. Zhang Yingying, de persoon die de leiding heeft over Guizhou Golden FingerPrint Technology Co, Ltd, zei dat het bedrijf veel aandacht besteedt aan technologische innovatie in productonderzoek en ontwikkeling en promoot productie- en onderzoekssamenwerking innovatiemodel. In 2020 is het 208 miljoen. In 208 miljoen Yuan in onderzoek en ontwikkeling, en bedrijven hebben meer dan 210 patenten. Vorig jaar werd beoordeeld als een nationaal high-tech natuurbedrijf, realiseerde het aanvankelijk het strategische doel van "internationalisering, gespecialiseerd in vingerafdruk".

Zhao Jing deelden ook haar ondernemerservaring en geloofde dat het ondernemerschap was om het potentieel voor ondernemerschap volledig te verkennen, en ze citeerde de potenti?le trainingsschool in 2018. In totaal is 4.564 armoedebestrijding, en veel mensen zijn onafhankelijk bereikt ondernemersdromen.

Vervolgens zullen de relevante afdelingen op alle niveaus in de stad de ondernemende innovatiebehoeften verminderen in overeenstemming met de uniforme regelingen en inzet van de provinciale overheid in de staat en de provinciale partijcommissie en het minimaliseren van de invoerdrempel, verder optimaliseren van de servicemaatregelen, en zal handiger zijn voor nationale ondernemende innovatie. Effici?nt "groen kanaal"; krachtig bevorderen van de transformatie van ondernemende innovatie tot re?le productiviteit, cre?er een goede ondernemers innovatie-sfeer, hoge kwaliteit promotie nieuwe industrialisatie, nieuwe verstedelijking, landbouwmachines, toerisme-industrialisatie, componeren De schoonheid van de rijke en mooie nieuwe toekomstige mensen. Het is gemeld dat tijdens de week studenten de creatieve innovatie van de universiteit zullen houden, "Double Creation" -temsalon, Cool, Qingdu, e-commerce, e-commerce training op het platteland, koel "forum" Double Creatie "Serie van vaardighedentraining.

(Qiu Yuanhu) Bron: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital: Party Construction Leading Information Road Continued Satisfaction – Innovation and Application of Patient AI Satisfaction Evaluation Tool

Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital: Party Construction Leading Information Road Continued Satisfaction – Innovation and Application of Patient AI Satisfaction Evaluation Tool

2018, the CPC Central Committee issued "on the strengthening Party building work in public hospitals," clearly a public hospital director responsibility system under the leadership of party committees, to grasp the ideological and political work in public hospitals and medical ethics as a Party important task. Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai Six Academy") as the National Civilized Unit 16 for five consecutive years, has a glorious history in terms of spiritual civilization.

Hospital party always patient satisfaction as a key starting point to build spiritual civilization of the hospital, the patients are satisfied all work as the starting point and end point, the patient satisfaction as the gold standard for testing the effectiveness of.

To actively promote the party building and business depth of integration, a more comprehensive, efficient and truly collect patient opinions and suggestions, Shanghai Six Party committee led all party members the use of information technology tools in the traditional discharged patients letters return visit satisfaction survey on the use of artificial satisfaction survey carried out intelligence (AI) mode, a return visit coverage rate increased from 8% to%, the use of big data to identify the problems in the course of medical treatment, in conjunction with the medical Service departments, clinics, and other Department of Logistics management for deficiencies targeted to begin to improve patient satisfaction with medical care in keeping% high. First, the background and causes since the early 90s, Shanghai party committee proposed six homes to the public welfare-oriented, focusing on improving the patient’s sense of medical experience and get a sense of satisfaction survey conducted inpatient, outpatient and emergency patient satisfaction evaluation and discharge patient satisfaction survey letter return visit "three assessment" work.

Through different forms of assessment, collection issues, feedback problem rectification issues, and constantly improve the hospital medical services to meet people’s growing medical needs.

Prior to a long period of time, Shanghai six homes discharged patients satisfaction measurement mode is mainly used in the petition, but with the development and progress of science and technology, people are constantly changing lifestyle, the traditional letter return visit satisfaction measurement methods can not fully reflect the full the real opinions and suggestions of discharged patients. Combined satisfaction survey data found that in 2018, 2017, 2016, nearly three letters return visit satisfaction survey recoveries were 8%, 9%, 10%, in 2018 discharged patients return visit letters opinions and suggestions total of only 1420 . For a more complete, efficient and truly collect patient opinions and suggestions to optimize patient satisfaction testing methods is imperative.

To this end, the leadership of the Party Committee Publicity Department of the hospital culture to explore new technologies, new ways of using the patient satisfaction survey, the first artificial intelligence (AI) assessment tools used in discharged patients satisfaction survey work, thus forming a large data analysis reports to help doctors more accurately to hear the voice of the patient. As the first batch of "early heart did not forget, remember our mission" theme educational institutions, Shanghai six homes around the central party committee work for the people "see" and other outstanding issues, to carry out a large survey of patient satisfaction measurement mode, combined with clinical demand optimization. Second, practice and after (a) systematic investigation of the party committee propaganda civilization analyze the problem together with the public reception office on 12345 service hotline, letters visits, outpatient and emergency patient satisfaction survey in the patient’s discussion and analysis. (B) understand artificial intelligence (AI) system-related case evaluation of artificial intelligence (AI) evaluation system in the city only for individual hospitals were followed up for day surgery patients scene.

As can be seen, the basic conditions AI satisfaction survey of human-computer interaction; secondly, in satisfaction survey the scene, there is no precedent for the use of AI, innovative.

(C) study the development of artificial intelligence (AI) 1 satisfaction survey program to develop assessment strategies. Evaluation strategy combines intelligent speech technology, with the hospital information system hospital information after desensitization import patient information, automatically dial by voice assistant discharged patients through telephone terminal, simulated human voice to communicate with each other, including asking a doctor and nurse service, other medical staff such as food service and multi-dimensional problem, taking into account all of the basic process hospitalized patients, answered by the patient satisfaction, more satisfied, in general, are not satisfied or do not understand; and effective information acquisition respondents will answer automatically transcribed speech , after the natural language processing and neural network algorithm artificial speech semantic analysis system is a text recording, automatically it generates the corresponding index information. 2, program design, then surgery.

In the design process, then surgery, considering that most people answer the habit, try to streamline the merger of similar problems, such as a return visit in the letter, "Are you satisfied with this six institutes contacting your ward doctor of medicine doctor treating you?" And "are you satisfied with this six institutes contacting your ward doctor doctor treating the attitude it?" merged into two questions, "are you satisfied with this contact with six institutes ward doctors treating doctor for your medical skills and attitude ? ", similar problems after the merger, the entire telephone interviews survey control within minutes of talk time, ensure that the entire conversation, then surgery smooth and streamlined. (D) technology platform to build and perfect the details of an independent set of telephone access.

In order to improve patient and answering rate to ensure data security, application-specific hospital phone number with Caller ID to the telecommunications company, to enable patients to answer the phone at the time, reassure telephone fraud, improved answering rate.

At the same time, the telephone number for the special assessment to ensure the security of the data collection. 2, pay attention to the protection of patient privacy.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Satisfaction visit involves importing patient information, export, of which the protection of patient privacy issues are hospital attaches great importance to guard against risk, through legal means and outgoing telephone companies signed a confidentiality agreement related to both protect patient information integrity, but also to protect patient information security and data security.

(E) issued a notice to do publicity campaigns to inform preparation of the Civilization inform all those responsible wards, be sure of its mission at the time of hospital discharge, the patient will be informed by telephone satisfaction survey over a period of time, try to keep the phone is switched on standby. Patients first call not on, it will re-dial the second day in the selection and development of leaflets as a reminder.

The rice flower is fragrant, the village of Changle Village is happy.

The rice flower is fragrant, the village of Changle Village is happy.

Sewage pipelines are laid under the road, and the road is clean.

People’s Network Liu Hai Tian’s improvement is not only the environment, not just harvest, and people’s enthusiasm.

"In the past, I went to everyone to engage in public welfare, often no humanity." Yang Bang Wu said that the people ‘s appeal can not be solved, there is a complaint in my heart, I will not actively participate in collective activities. After the sewage problem solved, the enthusiasm of the villagers participated in collective activities increased significantly, and the satisfaction of work was improved for dozens of percentage points.

"The opening of the hospital in the first quarter of this year, the villagers are very good, and the rectification of the evaluation is 100%, which is up to 45%.

"Yang Guofu said.

It is understood that Yang Bangwu summed up a working method in 2001, and later was named "Yang Bangwu Work" by the local organization department.

This set of methods is five o’clock, the core spirit is "doing real things, don’t say pseudo." He said that cadres do not do real things, and the masses are no one cares about you.

According to the "dissatisfied", you can do things better for the masses.

Wang Hong, deputy director of Dazhou Municipal Committee’s Target Performance Office, introduced the implementation of the Party’s 19th Plenary Session, Dazhou Municipal Party Committee, and Municipal Government launched the "10 things" activities "the most unsatisfactory thing" event.

The "unsatisfactory" urged cadres to do practical things for the masses, do things well, the final result is that cadres have made good things, the masses have satisfied.

"Renovation of staff Lei Heng said, this event is settled based on the year, and the demand for the target is based on the quarter, and the staging is constantly supplement, solves" dissatisfaction ", and better serves the masses, improve Social development level.

The villager’s dam will also be once in the first quarter, like the quality tracking system, let the masses evaluate the results of cadres, see if the masses have become "dissatisfied" into "satisfaction". (Responsible: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Saving food from the doll

Saving food from the doll

In the survey, please wait.For a long time, no response, please brush this page Author: Liu Changya (Ministry of Education Development Planning Director) "禾 日 日 日 日本, 知 滴 下. Who knows that the plate is Chinese, the grain is hard."This "Yinnong" is that almost every Chinese can go out, and the word does not seem to recite Tang poetry.The teachers of the school use this poem to educate our father, educate us, and now I am still educating our children.It helps every Chinese has established a moral ruler of "savoring food glorious, waste food."General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly, my country has a lot of waste phenomena in food production, circulation, processing and consumption, and the waste of the table is particularly amazing. It is necessary to take integrated measures to reduce food loss, and resolutely stop the wasting of food.

The Party Group of the Ministry of Education highly attaches great importance to the food saving work of the education system, and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Ping as a guide for the efforts of the education system, refined into a specific action. It has introduced "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Habits "Action Plan", deployment of education system stating and drinking waste.

  Recently, China Office and the State Office were issued the "Food Save Action Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "program"). "Program" is an important indication of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, implementation of the 19th National Plenary Session, "Carrying Operations" Deployment.

The Ministry of Education will implement the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and promote the implementation of the "program" to implement landing: improve the political station, study the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Clear Waste Behavior of the Education System. I deeply grasp the importance of saving the behavior of the dining and drinking, fully understanding that the food waste is not only related to the social fashion and traditional virtues, but also more food security, and unify the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, unified to the Party Central, Come on the decision-making deployment of the State Council, always tighten the string of food, consciously put the concept of diligence, hard work, internal and medium-sized, education, the majority of primary and secondary school students are striving to fight waste, love grain food The walker, inheriting virtue, promoting the new wind.

  Strengthen promotion and guide, promote the formation of good fashion in the formation of high school primary school kindergartens. Strengthen public opinion propaganda, guide all kinds of schools in large-scale schools through various channels, adopt a variety of forms, extensively publicize the "anti-food" "anti-waste" "savings", etc. Demonstration; for the promotion and guidance and social practice of adolescents, education adolescent children have cultivated good behaviors from small and saving savings. Deepening the demonstration leader, combined with civilized campus creation activities further increase the promotional guidance, under the top and bottom of the education system, and establish a civilized dining, saving glorious, diligent homes. Educate the majority of students to break the "lecture and court, better than the wide".

Actively advocate the concept of life and food culture, scientific diet, health consumption, so that the fans of advocating saving into the campus, entering the hall, entering the mind, making consequences of saving glorious, and shamefulness into the extensive consensus of education systems.

  Integrate food concept into the whole process of education teaching.

In the ideological and political courses and party building activities, juncture activities, the Young Pioneers, and the Party Campaign, Junction Activities, Young Pioneers, and Campaign, Campaign, and Advocating Special Education.

Strengthen health knowledge education such as reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, and promote students’ scientific dining. Continue to carry out food security national education and China Mide, excellent traditional education, will save food requirements "Student Code" "Student Code" and other rules and regulations, from small cultivation, cherish food awareness, enhance discipline constraints. Exploration will save food into the students’ evaluation of the priority, and carry out the saving food commendation activities, motivate students to compete for food-saving advanced models.

Strengthen family school cooperation, strengthen family education, and give full play to the role of food security publicity and education base, combine labor education and social practice education, organize students to experience hardships, and stimulate students to cherish labor results, cherish food emotional identity.

  Building a long-term mechanism for school dining and savings management. Strengthen on-site management, build the school cafeteria to become a thought education position for food.

Strengthening the students ‘education guidance, strengthening students’ diligent and savings, and actively create a new style of the campus of students, and actively create a glorious and shameful campus. The establishment of a civilized dining supervisor volunteer for students, directly supervised and reminded the waste behavior in the food recovery, strengthening self-management and self-supervision, and strengthening education for students with severe waste conduct. manage.

Strengthening the interaction with students, inviting students from time to visit, understand the internal management and processing processes of the canteen, let students experience the hard work of labor, educate students to develop a good morality of grain, saving food. Detained the system construction of food procurement, storage, processing, etc., minimizing damage waste. Reasonably do the raw material plan, reduce inventory, eliminate rot and deterioration, pay attention to saving during processing, and fully do the use of raw materials.

Strengthen the analysis and estimation of the number of dining, implement dynamic management, and do a meal according to the number of people.

Strictly implement primary and secondary schools, kindergartens concentrated on the meal system. Strengthen inspection assessment and build the evaluation constraint mechanism.

The work of the school will carry out the "Cultural Campus" to create a "civilized campus" to create evaluation criteria. Promote all kinds of schools to establish a normalized supervision and inspection work mechanism and catering waste report complaint mechanism, in time, persuade the climb, and extravagance, etc. Establish and improve the rigid institutional constraint, strict system implementation, strong supervision and inspection, severe education discipline and other working mechanisms, vigorously rectify the waste on the tip of the tongue. "

Shanghai: Voeg lift toe aan hi wenkbrauwen, tegenstrijdigheden na onderhoud, hoe te breken?

Shanghai: Voeg lift toe aan hi wenkbrauwen, tegenstrijdigheden na onderhoud, hoe te breken?

  Na de opening van de laatste is de deur van "Warme Sun Dream Building" gepost.

Hongqiao-straat is toegewezen aan de kaart, "alleen gesprekken, praat niet over de winstgevendheid.

"Shanghai Xin Changning Group Xinhua Property Co, Ltd, Song Huiying, Secretary of the Party Branch, heeft duidelijk zijn houding uitgesproken:" We denken aan een ‘Community Nanny’-rol, in de stijging van het eigendomsrechten, de meest elementaire vergoedingen meten , zoals schoonmaken, elektriciteit, onderhoudsmateriaalconsumptie, enz., Op basis van kosten, niet gebaseerd op winstgevendheid. Volgens het personeel van het Hongqiao Street Community Management Office onderzoekt de straat de nieuwe vereisten van digitale transformatie, afhankelijk van de app "Application" om het plus liftpakket op te lossen, realiseer de volledige cyclus (dwz "X-Day Consultation +100 dagen + 20 jaar dimensie ") managementmodus.

  De oude gemeenschap is uitgerust met een lift, een folk-hartproject dat een hele cyclus vereist.

Daartoe vertaalt Hongqiao Street SuMing’s aanbevelingen naar projectprojecten van de Gemeenschap, bouwt platforms op door de straten en de jachtcommissies, raadplegen ze gezamenlijk de bewoners van het vastgoedbedrijf en de Plus-ladder, door de inwoners van de hele verdieping, en het er uiteindelijk mee instemmen Stijging in de eigendomsvergoeding in de vorm van het opnemen van liften in de reikwijdte van vastgoedbeheer en dit managementmodel wordt ook voortdurend gepromoveerd in de wijzende jurisdictie. [Gerelateerde lezing] Wetgevingsbeveiliging, laat de "gouden idee?n" de "gouden sleutel" van stedelijke governance worden, hoe kunnen we meer goed zijn, meer warm? Het antwoord van Shanghai is: meer uitgebreid, meer zorgvuldig en luistert oprecht en gebruik de aanbevelingen van de mensen.

  Shanghai heeft altijd belang gehecht aan de verzameling van het People’s People.

In december 2011 vestigde Shanghai Xinjun-kantoor het voorstel van het volk om kantoren te verzamelen, gespecialiseerd in het advies van de mensen door middel van petitiekanalen, die het voorstel van de mensen opendeed om gespecialiseerde ontwikkeling te verzamelen.

  Sinds de oprichting van het voorstel van de mensen Een goede suggestie, een beleid verbeteren, een baan verbeteren, is normaal geworden in Shanghai.

  Om het kanaal te openen, is het beter om de aanbevelingen van het volk aan te vragen. In juli 2020 hingen Shanghai-brieven en bezoekers de aanbevelingen van de stad op, waardoor het "People’s Prodal Collection Mailbox" "Municipal Comité Toonaangevende Mailbox" "Municipal Governy Leider Mailbox gaf "" En 12345 burgerhotline en andere kanalen, zorgen voor een breed scala aan informatiebronnen en het voorgestelde verzamelsysteem van een uitgebreid volk. Op 23 juni 2021, de Congress Permanent Permanent Comité Comité van Shanghai Municipe People officieel ge?mplementeerd op 1 juli via de "Verschillende bepalingen over de suggesties van Shanghai" (hierna "verschillende bepalingen" genoemd).

"Verschillende bepalingen" is de eerste lokale voorschriften die zijn ontwikkeld door het Permanent Comité van het Congres van het Provinciaal People, gespecialiseerd in het promoten en reguleren van het voorstel van mensen om banen te verzamelen. Sommige experts wezen erop dat dit het levendige geval van de Democratie van Chinese stijl is, en het is ook de specifieke praktijk van "de steden van de bevolking en de steden van het volk als de mensen". "De stem van de massa’s is de oorspronkelijke sociale situatie, met een groot aantal echte opnamen." Wang Jianhua, directeur van Shanghai Xinjie Office, en de aanbevolen directeur Wang Jianhua, zei dat de "goede stem" van de mensen de "Nieuwe motor" van Shanghai Urban-governance. Tegenwoordig, in Shanghai, veel "gouden sleutels" die zijn gekweekt door stedelijk bestuur, en de "gouden fruit" van Huimin Ligin.

(Editor: AI YU, KANG MENGQI) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Relatie "Iron" US Military Ship duurt de eerste keer in de afgelopen 20 jaar

Relatie "Iron" US Military Ship duurt de eerste keer in de afgelopen 20 jaar

  De vernietiger "Rose" van de Amerikaanse marine is op 11e van Isra?l Southern Ashdumide.

Reuters meldden dat dit de eerste keer is dat het Amerikaanse oorlogsschip in de afgelopen 20 jaar bij de haven van Ash Duddown is gestopt, waarbij hij de "diepe alliantie" markeerde.

  Isra?lische premier Ben Thanehony begroette de Amerikaanse militaire oorlogen op dezelfde dag in de haven en na een bezoek aan het schip.

  De Amerikaanse marine zesde vloot woordvoerder Kel Renes zei in een verklaring dat het Amerikaanse leger "versterking" "krachtig en duurzaam partnerschap" heeft bezocht ".

  Netanyahu zei dat de vastberadenheid van Isra?l "zelfverdedigen" in het aangezicht van het Iraanse leger is in Syri? ", de Amerikaanse president Donald Trump" volledig ondersteunt "Ross" Destroyer Today’s Bezoek "weerspiegelt deze ondersteuning".

  De Trump-regering heeft het Amerikaanse beleid in het Midden-Oosten aangepast en probeerde het Midden-Oost alleen te halen, zoals Isra?l en ernaar streven om de belangrijkste tegenstanders zoals Iran te plaatsen. Isra?l langdurige erkenning Iran’s expansiekracht in het Midden-Oosten en identificeert de intentie van Iran om nieuwe posities tegen Isra?l te openen. Om te voorkomen dat de zogenaamde Iran-steunkrachten in Syri?, lanceerde Isra?l veel mammeters van militaire doelstellingen in de Syrische. (Oceaan) [Xinhua News Agency Micro ".