Short video [Guangming cloud saying · Internet fraud scene drama 4] "Tianzi" school girl’s love

Short video [Guangming cloud saying · Internet fraud scene drama 4] "Tianzi" school girl’s love

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy.

2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist. 2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment. The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud. 2021-11-1710: 49 Recently, American scientists have studied 77 tropical birds in the past 40 years of data in the Brazilian maiden tropics, found that in order to adapt to climate change, their weight is declining, and some species have decreased every 10 years. Nearly 2% of the body weight, 1/3 of the species grew a longer wings.

2021-11-1710: 48IBM said, I hope to introduce a 400 quantum-bit processor next year, and launch a processor called "Condor" in the latter year, breaking through 1000 quantum ratio.

521-11-1710: 47 Harbin Institute of Technology, the modern microscopic instrument study, the study, has made breakthroughs in the field of optical super-resolution microscopic imaging technology. On November 16, the research results were published in the form of "Nature – Biotechnology" in International Authoritative Magazine in Changwen. On this basis, on this basis, the project team also applies new crown virus nucleic acid detection quality control systems in the accepted assessment and quality control of new crown virus nucleic acid detection laboratories, and strongly enhances the detection level of Ningxia new crown virus nucleic acid detection. 2021-11-1709: 48 wrist, wearing a smart watch, the nose is hung in smart glasses, hung wireless headphones in the ear … In recent years, smart wear industries have developed rapidly, smart watches, headphones, etc., wearable equipment, more and more The favor of people.

Experts said that with the further development of 5G, AI, cloud computing, the smart wear equipment market will usher in more development opportunities.

2021-11-1709: 462021 Space Technology Peace Utilization (Health) International Seminar Press Conference was held in Beijing on the 16th, and reporters learned from the conference that the 4th space technology and peaceful use (health) International seminar will be 11 The month was held in Beijing on the 18th.

2021-11-1709: 44 The so-called "nuclear energy and public distance", which means that nuclear power plant power generation is directly connected to the grid, and then transported to thousands of households.

2021-11-1709: According to the media reports 2021-11-1709: 36 With an infinite enthusiasm for the scientific cause of the motherland, the 87-year-old Shari River is still tirelessly struggling in the first line of science education, and scientific light is sprinkled to each corner. 2021-11-1709: 35 In December 2020, the front commander of the four sons of Inner Mongolia, a 80-year-old old man, regardless of the low temperature of the minus 30 ° C, waiting for "嫦娥" home at the scene. In the early morning, when the No. 5 return is smooth, his eyes were full of tears – "" three steps to the party’s central government "three steps" finally became a reality! "He, is our moon and deep space One of the pioneers of the exploration project, the general command of my country’s first probation project is academician.

2021-11-1709: 32 Director of the Ecological Environment Department and the Standard Director of the Standard Director, said, "Posetage of the law" is to fully incorporate the ecological environmental protection work into the rule of law, and promote the role of the Rule of Rule of Ecological environmental governance system and governance. The ability to modernize, in depth, in depth, we will put the pollution prevention and control, and promote the high-level protection of the ecological environment with high quality ecological civilization.

2021-11-1709: 23 What is the mine production unattended? Mine intelligent control system, automatic inspection robot, explosion-proof mobile phone real-time communication, super dust removal camera … With new equipment, new systems accelerated in coal mines, a coal mine intelligent blueprint is painting in Shanxi.

2021-11-1709: 23 The world seems to be talking about "Yuancos".

But the statement around this, the people said, and it is a job. Some people think that this is a race in the future, and there should be a racing posture; if someone thinks that "Yuan Universe" is a capital speculation, which is a certain company’s technology An investment is saved.

2021-11-1709: 20 Wild strawberry resources have excellent fruit quality characteristics, such as the five-leaf strawberry white fruit has a strong fragrance, yellow raspberry has peach fragrant, green strawberries have fragrant flavor … The current cultivation variety has lost some Aromatic smell. 2021-11-1610: 44 Sichuan Virgin Xichang Hospital covers an area of ??202 mu, with a total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters, which is a "earthquake hospital" in the country’s largest building area.

The total investment of the project is approximately 3.5 billion yuan, consists of three parts of the three-level comprehensive hospital, the International Medical Service Center, the Education and Employment Training Center.

2021-11-1610: 27 For different pigments, the ancient craftsmen use different concentrations of gel to adjust, such as adoption of concentrates and silver, using medium and thin adhesive and earthen, using pizza and black smoke. 2021-11-1610: 21.

Shanxi Legislative Protection Traditional Village Retains Beautiful Township

Shanxi Legislative Protection Traditional Village Retains Beautiful Township

People’s Network Taiyuan November 26th (Sang Liyuan) traditional village is an important carrier of China’s outstanding traditional culture, and protects traditional villages to talk about Chinese stories, remember to live in homesick, and promote the important means of rural revitalization. On November 26, the newspaper held a news conference from the General Office of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress, "Shanxi Provincial Traditional Village Protection Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations) will be implemented on March 1, 2022, for the province The effective protection of traditional village resources provides legal protection.

There are many quantities of traditional villages in Shanxi Province. There are 550 in the traditional Chinese village directory. It is the most traditional village in the northern region, the most complete, the most complete settles, the most abundant type.

In recent years, Shanxi has attached great importance to the protection of traditional villages. The functional department actively acts as a significant phase and regional protection work has achieved significant results.

According to reports, the "Ordinance" is solved by the rule of law, the declaration, the system, planning management, protection and utilization of the protection work in Shanxi is highlighted, further enhancing the targeted, effectiveness, and operability of legislation, and is the traditional tradition of Shanxi. The protection and reasonable use of village resources provide a rule of law.

A total of six chapters, 44, divided into general, identified and planning, protection and development, security and supervision, legal responsibility, and approvals.

The Regulations stipulate that fund support is increased and broaden investment channels. In Article 31, the people’s governments above the county level shall arrange funds in the financial budget of this grade, and they can co-consolidate relevant funds and used for the protection and development of traditional villages.

Article 33 Announce civilians, legal and other organizations participate in the protection of traditional villages through investment, establishment of funds, donations, and shareholdings. At the same time, the Regulations "adhere to" to develop in the protection of the protection, "promoting activation utilization.

Article 26 of Article 264404 describes the traditional villages into the tourism brand strategy, carrying out protective development, moderate ordered development of rural tourism, leisure holidays, ecological contributions.

Article 29 stipulates that villages (residential) people can enter the share of houses, funds, labor services, etc., engage in tourism management activities such as homestay, catering and other activities.

The traditional village is incorporated into the tourist scenic spot, and the contract shall be concluded with the Village Residents Committee and to extract a certain proportion from tourism revenue for traditional village protection; traditional architecture is open to visit the tourist place, should be signed with traditional architectural ownership or use rights protocol.

In addition, the "Regulations" clearly activated inheritance and resolved how to develop.

In this way, "the house is used up, the village is live, the culture is bright", from the completion of infrastructure and public service facilities, improve the traditional village living environment, inject new state, such as protective tourism development, and carry out cultural memory inheritance Activities, implementing a centralized coil protection and utilization, measures, making historical and cultural and modern life into one, achieving sustainable inheritance. At present, the pilot project in Jincheng City is based on the introduction, Qixian, Pingding, Pingshun, Wing City, Qu Wo 6 provincial pilot counties (cities), is carrying out demonstration leaders, digital display, protection inheritance, brand Construction of "1 + 6" pilot demonstration of 4 major actions.

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Sino-Duitse productie-samenwerking geleidelijk opgewarmd

Sino-Duitse productie-samenwerking geleidelijk opgewarmd

[] De Amerikaanse groep kondigde aan dat de aandeelhouderverhouding van Kuca is gestegen naar het aandeel van de coach, wat betekent dat de Chinese huizenapparaatgiant verder verder is.

In dit verband is het Duitse mediaprapport een beetje "zuur", zie "Cheats" op het gebied van Duitse industri?le automatisering naar China, hoe geen Duitse of Europese onderneming "Stand Up" heeft. Sinds 18 mei hebben de Verenigde Staten een fusie van M & A uitgegeven aan alle aandeelhouders van KUKA, die een hete gebeurtenis is geworden in Sino-Duitse economische en handel. De belangrijkste reden is niet alleen 36% van de premie, maar ook bijna 4 miljard euro van M & A Transaction-schaal. Meer dan de belangrijkste positie in de bibliotheek in het Duitse industri?le systeem. Chinese bedrijven hebben het gevoelige punt van Duitse industrie?n aangeraakt in het proces van "kopen" in het buitenland.

  Op de internationale tentoonstelling van de topindustrie, zoals de Hannover Industry Expo, zijn KUKA-robots altijd focus en de Kugka-automatiseringsoplossingen zijn onmisbaar voor industri?le strategie?n in Duitsland.

Wat nog belangrijker is, Kuga is een technologische onderneming met aanhoudende innovatiemogelijkheden. Sommige mensen maken zich zorgen dat Duitsland en zelfs de "toekomstige technologie" van Europa naar Azi?, sommige gevoelige klantinformatie in de "vreemden" vallen.

  Ongetwijfeld, in de golven van de nieuwe ronde van industri?le revolutie, probeerden alle landen de kans te grijpen, maar niet nul en games.

Globalisering is geen enkelwegweg, de elementen van de open omgeving zijn tweerichtings- en multi-directioneel, geen absolute "verliezen" of "loyaal".

Chinese kapitaalstromen naar de Duitse technologie Enterprise in Kubach, maar biedt ook een bredere markt, terwijl de continue diepgaande China-markt een van de strategie?n van Kubach is.

  Het artikel van het Duitse economische onderzoeksinstituut van de Keulen wees erop dat de productie- en toevoerstructuur van China is gewijzigd en "China’s productie" -label in toenemende mate verschijnt op high-tech producten. Om dichter bij klanten te komen, kunt u beter voldoen aan de behoeften van de klant, de investeerders van China moeten een gevoel van bestaan ??hebben op de Europese markt.

Het is gemakkelijker om een ??merk te bouwen door fusies en acquisities op de Europese markt. Sinds dit jaar zijn China-gefinancierde M & A-activiteiten steeds actiever geworden in Duitsland.

Volgens statistieken van kapitaalonderzoek, vanaf 15 juli, is het aangekondigde Chinese hoofdstad 27 in Duitsland, met betrekking tot industri?le machines, hernieuwbare energie, medische gezondheid, auto-onderdelen, consumentenelektronica, onderwijsdiensten, enz. Meer dan tien gebieden. De insiders in de Duitse industrie wezen erop dat de belangrijkste manieren van China voornamelijk door Duitse bedrijven samenwerken door middel van manieren, het introduceren van Duitse technologie of het aantrekken van Duitse bedrijven om een ??joint venturebedrijf te vestigen, zoals Shanghai Volkswagen. Tegenwoordig maakt het krachtige kapitaalvoordeel Chinees gefinancierd ondernemingen in staat om directe investeringen uit te voeren, en het "snelle kanaal" wordt geabsorbeerde geavanceerde technologie, merk- en managementmogelijkheden geabsorbeerd door middel van fusies en acquisities. Op dit moment is China’s investering in Duitsland nog steeds erg klein en is gelijk aan een tiende van de Duitse investeringen in China. Aan de andere kant pleiten de senior regering van China en Duitsland de "China productie 2025" en de Duitse "industri?le" docking.

In deze context, China’s productie en Duitse productie van "Join Hands" -trend. Sommige Chinees-gefinancierde ondernemingen die Duitsland binnenkomen, richten zich op hun lange termijn, door de strategie?n voor duurzame ontwikkeling te implementeren, respecteren en beschermen van de rechten van Duitse werknemers, en heeft positieve demonstraties gemaakt, waardoor de twijfels over de sociale fusies van China geleidelijk kunnen elimineren acquisities.. Het Duitse economische onderzoeksinstituut van Keulen wees erop dat veel gevallen hebben aangetoond dat er geen reden is om zich zorgen te maken over fusies in het Chinese eigendom. Kijkend naar de Duitse bedrijven die Putzmester, Kiekert, enz., China’s investeerders liet het bedrijf niet verhuizen en voegt zelfs taken toe. Het doel van Chinese bedrijven is vergelijkbaar – het bevorderen van de ontwikkeling van de acquisitie om verder te ontwikkelen en zelfs uit te breiden. Alle teksten, afbeeldingen, audio- en video-manuscripten en elektronische tijdschriften zoals "Economisch Referentie Nieuws" of "Economisch Referentienetwerk" zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door het economische referentie-nieuws. Elke vorm publiceren en spelen.

Sunshine Government Hotline 20211116

Sunshine Government Hotline 20211116

The section introduced the "Sunshine Government Hotline" program founded in December 2005, as of the end of 2018.A total of more than 1,600 hall-level leaders have a guest live broadcast, accepting more than 39,000 problems reflected by the audience, and the problem resolution is more than 90%.

"Sunshine Government Hotline" has realized the three-level linkage, multimedia linkage, department and government linkage in the province and city county. The province’s four linkage, the program invites the provincial direct department and the industry person in charge,Both live broadcast, through online interviews, real-time coils, tripartite calls, and the masses directly interact, listen to the proposal to solve the problems reflected by the masses.Since the founding of the program, a large number of social issues and contradictions have been effectively resolved, closely related to the party committees and the government, has become a condensate bridge that communicates party and the masses, and builds a harmonious propulsion, which has been up and down, and all walks of life.Highly recognized and evaluated.

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Red light, leaning against the door … Be careful! Nanjing street lights to you

Red light, leaning against the door … Be careful! Nanjing street lights to you

Modern Express News (Reporter Liu Weijuan) pedestrian red light, merchant leaning against the door, sharing bicycle did not stop online … These uncivilized behaviors, a wisdom street light pole can call you.

On the afternoon of October 28th, the first event of the 10th Nanjing Science and Technology Academic Annual Conference – "Future City, Future Lighting New Model, New Path" Summit Forum, "Wisdom Lighting in Nanjing Road Lighting" Wisdom Lighting – Wisdom "hold. The Modern Express reporter learned that Nanjing street light is getting smarter and smarter.

△ Huang Li Ben conducts the topic of this forum invites Wisdom Lighting Field Huang Li Ben, Wang Pengzhan, Xin Pingye and other well-known young experts, with 5G, new infrastructure and "double carbon" strategic opportunities under national policy support as the background, around the city The digital transformation of lighting is upgraded, and the smart lighting model represented by the smart pole, as well as to achieve the services and bearer of smart cities.

△ Wang Peng Show conducts the topic speech forum, with the "New Path of the City Lighting Military Transportation and Establishment of Information Times", Nanjing Street Light Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. facility, deputy manager, senior engineer Wang Peng Show for theme speech. He said that the Nanjing street light has achieved "drip maintenance" function.

That is, the traditional maintenance method is to inspect while inspecting. After implementing the "Dip Maintenance" function, each street light will be installed with a single light controller, which can be monitored in real time. In this way, the street light can achieve "dialogue" with the rear of the City Lighting Control Center, so that the background staff finds which street lights need to be repaired, and quickly issued the maintenance process.

This maintenance mode on the line to the line is not only convenient for the public’s life, but also saves manpower and material.

Wang Peng Show told the Modern Express reporter. At present, the "Drip Maintenance" function has conducted regional pilots in the 30,000 street lamps in the Auban area. Since the May 2019 pilot, it has now dropped about 30% of manual and mechanical investment.

In the later stage, the light adjustment of the street lamp will also be achieved by single-lamp controller, such as segmentation, minute, and sub-scene regulation.

The function of the street lamp becomes rich, and the smart pole also came into being. On-site forum, with "Exploration and Thinking of Nanjing in the Application and Operation Mode of Smart Scene", Jiangsu Futun City Public Space Development Operation Co., Ltd., senior engineer Huang Li running.

He said that you can build a wisdom street light pole by plastic, Tonglu, engraving, god, and networking.

That is, the hardware and software of the standard street lamp, the energy network, communication network, etc., realize data acquisition function, and can also perform large data analysis, artificial intelligence operation, and respond to operation results, let smart rods can be loaded. , Electrically acceptable, transmitable, interactive functions.

Nanjing has implemented smart rods since 2019. There are currently more than 30 smart rods in the Gulou District, while in Hexi’s "喵 街 街".

So, how much wisdom is smart? Huang Li rushed, targeting garbage, leaning against the door, non-motor vehicle chaos, smart red light, etc., smart rods can realize the shouting reminder, assist the urban management and other departments for urban governance. Huang Li runs, this event is held in "Smart Lighting – Smart Boand Enjoy Space", but also wants to attract more like-minded partners to carry out technical incubation, achievements transformation, industry drive, etc., do "street light +" This article gives the city more intelligent governance function.

The organizer is designed to be related.

South Korea former President Lu Taifei died in the world to realize China and South Korea’s construction, after removing, experience

South Korea former President Lu Taifei died in the world to realize China and South Korea’s construction, after removing, experience, October 26, computerization report, 26 local time, former Korean President Lutai, died, 88 years old. It has realized the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea. According to the data, Lu Taifei was born in Daden County, South Korea in 1932, graduated from the Army Sergeant School in 1995. In 1987, the South Korean President of the First President was elected, and in 1988, the president was swearing as president, and was transferred in 1993.

Data Map: Former Korean President Luitai preamble.

Image Source: Han Lian, Lu Taifeng, realized the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, and also conducted state affairs to China in September 1992.

Through the "North Foreign Diplomacy" policy, South Korea has also achieved normalization of diplomatic relations with the former Soviet, Eastern Europe and other countries and regions.

  According to reports, Luitai is hospitalized by chronic chronic diseases.

Recently, he was hospitalized in the National University Hospital of Seoul, South Korea, and accepted intensive care, but the condition did not improve.

  In April 1997, Lu Tai Yu was sentenced to 17 years in prison by the Korean Grand Court for 17 years in the Korean Grand Court because of the "rebellion and civil chaos" and "accepting bribery" provisions. In December 1997, the former Korean President Kim and Switches and Golden Safety for the President of the President, decided to pardon Lu Taichen, but the fine will still pay. After that, Lu Taifei was 97 times, and 91% of the fine was paid, and the total of approximately 239.8 billion won.

Teken je kracht van Moral Model

Teken je kracht van Moral Model

  Moreel model is een tastbare positieve energie, een nieuwe waarden. Onlangs zal de 8e nationale morele modelaanbeveling in Beijing worden gehouden.

In de afgelopen dagen worden de aanrakende daden van het nationale morele model en de nominatieprijs in Guizhou op grote schaal gepasseerd … lees hun ontroerende daden, wat erg in beweging is.

Ze gebruikten dodelijk zo goed als de sterfelijke, en ze behandelden een benchmark van morele praktijk. Ze hielpen anderen, eerlijkheid, toewijding, toewijding, het zien van de deugden van de gerechtigheid, laten we de geest van de tijd zien, de erfenis van de reguliere waarde, laat ons de charme en kracht van deugd voelen. Moreel model, is een deugd, een held van de tijd, is een spirituele benchmark.

Een reeks bekende en knipperende namen, een ontroerende en warme daad is een oogverblindende morele co?rdinaat, die een prachtig deugd is. Ze zijn als een fakkel, die is als een morele liniaal, laat Shenzhou Earth. De morele ster is gênanter.

Mensen geven hun deugden en loven vaak, elke vermelding, het zit vol met lof. Het is omdat hun nobele kwaliteit mensen wordt genoemd en opdagen. Hun moraliteit neemt moraliteit, ook incentives en leidt mensen om de wijze te zien, leren en oefenenmodel, om de kracht van het morele model te trekken, te worstelen om een ??nieuwe tijdweg weg te nemen. Het land is niet rijk en mensen zijn niet vloeiend.

Op dit moment is mijn land in de overgangsperiode in economische en sociale ontwikkeling, de waarde van multi-diversiteit leidt tot de ideologische concepten van mensen, moreel bewustzijn, waardeori?ntatie en hoe de morele oorsprong van de hele samenleving te verbeteren, de beschaving van De hele samenleving die het nauw verwant is aan de morele norm. Om goed en kwaad te onderscheiden, onderscheidt het dat het niet is, er is een morele kracht die mensen opdrag. Morele modellen houden van, grote goedheid, grote gerechtigheid, grote moed, om onderscheid te maken tussen mooi en fout, het goede en kwaad onderscheiden, de schoonheid lelijk meten om een ??duidelijke waarden te bieden. Het nemen van moreel model als een liniaal, kunnen we elke dag uw eigen waardeco?rdinaten constant corrigeren, het zal niet verloren gaan in de reis van het leven.

  Het is als bedoelbaar en Duitsland is niet aan het praten.

Het doel van de ethiek is om de traditionele deugden van de Chinese natie te bevorderen, een morele liniaal tot stand te brengen, de hele samenleving te motiveren om goed te zijn, in de gelijktijdige kwaliteit van het morele model, het cultiveren van morele model en de spirituele kracht van moreel model te cultiveren, Goed tot opwaartse ponden. Om te leren van de aannemelijke daden van het morele model, grijpt de spirituele connotatie, het gevoel en het leren van hun verheven geest achter het morele model, zodat het chemisch, externized is en in specifieke morele praktijk wordt gebracht. We moeten bewust moreel model als een spiegel gebruiken, we hebben een drie provincies, veeg het ideologische stof af, kijk bewust naar het model en streven ernaar om een ??deugdbeoefenaar, onderhoud te worden.

Ik hechtte aan het begin van mij, uitgaande van de kleine dingen, van de zijkant, de morele normen van het morele model die zich strikt eisen, standaardiseren zichzelf met morele modelcode-richtlijnen, met morele model van hoge kwaliteit en achterste geest, door de geest , het passeren van de Geest Polyhamida, iedereen wordt buitengewoon van gewoon in het gewone middelste midden, zal het model van de zijkant worden.

  Het grote tijdperk roept op voor Great Geest en de verheven zorg vereist een voorbeeldleider. Het morele model is de grens van de vaste strijd. De leider van de sociale mode, het brandende licht van de grote liefde, de selectie van nationale morele modellen, is om een ??rol in de hele samenleving te vestigen, die mensen naar het morele model leiden en leeftijdsgenoten. Wandelen in een uitgebreide constructie van socialistische moderne landen, zolang elk van ons Chongde tot goed is, tot het goede, de modelwaarde nastreven in persoonlijk moreel gedrag, kun je een spannender nieuw tijdperk "moreel antwoord" schrijven.

Editor die de leiding heeft: Zhao Lai Rui Liang Haiyan.

Rivian Gesloten Meer dan 15% eindigde vijf handelsdagen

Rivian Gesloten Meer dan 15% eindigde vijf handelsdagen

  De secundaire Wechat (Reporter Zhou Wei) Lokale tijd 17 november, Riviaan bleef na het lage vallen.

Volgens windgegevens, vanaf de sluiting, Rivian, de Amerikaanse dollar, is de nieuwste totale marktwaarde US $ 126,8 miljard.

De 5 handelsdagen vermeld op 10 november op 10 november op 16 november bleef Riviaan stijgen en de periode was tot%.

CDM-verklaring: alle werken van "Bron: China Securities and Securities Network", behoren auteursrechten bij China Securities News.

China Securities Nieuws, de auteur van de effecten, de auteur van de auteur, elke organisatie gebruikt niet de bovenstaande werken zonder de overdracht van de Chinese effecten, het effectennetwerk en de schriftelijke autorisatie van de auteur, abstract of anderszins de bovenstaande werken.Waar de website aangeeft dat de bron van niet-China Securities News en Securities Network wordt gereproduceerd uit andere media, is het doel van de herdruk het betere lezers, de behoeften van de informatie, betekent niet dat deze website overeenkomt met zijn standpunten, deze website is niet de authenticiteit is verantwoordelijk en de oppositie mag rechten claimen met de unit-eenheid.

Send Guangxi Yuegui Cadre Cadres to Yucheng County Examination Exchange

Send Guangxi Yuegui Cadre Cadres to Yucheng County Examination Exchange

On November 9, the captain of the Guangdong Cooperation Task Force, the deputy secretary-general of the Autonomous Region People’s Government, and more than a hundred people in the area of ??Yuegui cooperative cadres in the district to investigate the development of Yuegui collaboration projects, how to do Yuegui Collaboration work, promote rural revitalization to explore exchange learning, seek next development.

The examination team first went to the Southern Cowu Industrial Chain Project in Zhucheng County, Southern NiuDu Industrial Chain Project, the cultivation base, food cold chain processing base, China Southern cattle and sheep wholesale trading center, Luky container circulating water ecological farming poverty alleviation industry The garden project and the Sanjiangkou (Yucheng) Silk Industrial Park project, through field viewing, listening to the introduction, questioning exchange, etc., detailed understanding of the economic efficiency and benefit benefits of Yucheng County in Yucheng County.

In recent years, in accordance with Yuecheng County, according to Yuegui collaborative funds, it is preferred to consolidate the poverty poverty reduction and rural revitalization project. Combined with the actual situation in the county, it should be investive in the construction industrial park, rural demonstration points, and expand the livestock farming whole industry chain, promote one or two Deep integration of the three industries to promote local traditional industries to modern agricultural industries.

At the same time, we will play the role of the boutique pillar industry to achieve consolidation and expanding the effective connection of the rural revitalization, ensuring that the Yuegui collaboration project implemented has a significant agricultural and agricultural effect, creating taxation. The inspection team conducted a warm discussion in the operation management, vision planning, income and income methods of each Yucheng County, and the formation of employment and revenue, resolving employment and promoting agricultural income, said that it is necessary to learn advanced experience to promote Yuegui cooperation. High quality development in each project, realized leap-forward development in innovation.

Wu Xiaoli, deputy secretary of the guest municipal party committee, secretary of the secretary of the Yucheng County Party Committee, Tanglin, Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, executive deputy magistrate Maiqi, the county party committee, deputy magistrate Yixin, etc.

(Mongolian) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.

Song Shuyu: For sauce, heat is calm, and the trend of cold brain

Song Shuyu: For sauce, heat is calm, and the trend of cold brain

  Song Shuyu said that there is a high-quality success in the liquor industry. Without a low-quality success, it should be alert to a low high price, especially for the price of sang, must be kept calm. According to Song Shu Yuxi, "13th Five-Year Plan" China liquor industry depth adjustment, industrial structure reconstruction, production area construction significant consumption upgrade, boost quality upgrade, marketing change, scientific and technological innovation technology, these are laying the autonomous development of liquor industry Very good foundation.

  However, consumption continues to upgrade, the breakthrough in industrial policy, stimulating industrial investment hotspots, supply side structural reform, industrial structure adjustment, market supply and demand contradiction, the price of famous wine products increase, the internal contradictions are fierce, induced the intensification, capital market Uncertainty factors such as aesthetic fatigue, social public opinion, the industrial recurrence of induced factors should be attached.

  In the industrial structure, the "World-class Beiwine" is created, further deepening the industrial cluster and intensive development, reasonable layout industrial structure, pulling and enhances the value of industrial chain, promoting the rationalization of industrial structure, establishing a new production industry, and cultivating the economy growth point.

  In the brand cultivation, the "World-class Top Wine Brand Training Plan" is implemented, leading the development direction of the world’s wine industry, is the responsibility of Chinese famous wine, Guizhou must also have active. In cultural popularity, build world-class alcoholic cultural IP, do a good job in heritage protection, creating cultural classics, and variety of liquor, and cultural dual properties determine the cultivation of its cultural value.

Over the years, it is not enough in China’s liquor cultural sauce, we must let Chinese liquor sharing and express culture, spread in the world, the Guizhou liquor industry should be active. "Singing hot sauce is the leader of Maotai, and is also a common effort of sauce people. This is the driving force for a benign competition in the liquor industry. But excessive fire needs to be vigilant.

"Song Shuyu said that Guizhou liquor is high-quality development, must prevent speculators from splitting, establishing the industrial development pattern of time assessment, production access, brewing standard, product standards, mining, only for a bottle of wine.

  In Song Shu Yu’s view, the future direction of liquor industry in the future is clear and must focus on the dominant production area, focusing on famous wine brands.

In the future, consumers drink what wine, the answer is also clear: drinking wine, drinking famous wine, drinking old wine. (Gu Yue) (Editor: Dong Tong, Yang Di).