Lin Daiyu’s "Crazy Literature" Network becomes popular with red scholars: young people also need to guide

Lin Daiyu’s "Crazy Literature" Network becomes popular with red scholars: young people also need to guide

  Lin Daiyu’s "Crazy Literature" Internet becomes a popular scientist: This phenomenon may be a trace of traces in classic communication. Young people also need more literary guidance. I started drawing cake again. If I believe it, I am afraid that I will cry and break the intestines. "…" Lin Daiyu’s crazy literature "has recently become popular. As of 4 pm on March 30, he has 100 million readings and the number of discussions on Weibo; On the video platform, topics such as "Men’s Edition Lin Daiyu Crazy Literature and Copy" and "Editing of Lin Daiyu’s Crazy Quotations" have stimulated the desire to create and imitate netizens.

  For this phenomenon, Xia Xiaoning, a director of the Chinese Red Mansion Dream Society, who has long studied the culture of red learning in the online context, said in an interview with Beijing Youth Daily that there is nothing bad for this way.

As for why netizens choose Lin Daiyu, Xia Xiaoning believes that this character can attract the interest of modern readers, and she is self -, true, and talented. "Most netizens are still out of such a language body that likes her. I feel cute, interesting, authentic, and enjoyable. In fact, this is also a reflection of Shuangwen in social discourse. Special and talented and culturally psychologically. "" You are probably tired, and you are so perfunctory to return to me. "" I am probably unable to live on this day, just wait for your news to be upset. "" I’m afraid of it. " It wasn’t because of any younger sister, so ignorant.

"You see, I started drawing the cake again. If I believe it, I’m afraid I want to cry and break the intestines." The phenomenon of the phenomenon of the classic quotes of the short video production, the poster of the poster, the netizen of the "Lin Yan" pushed the hot search Beiqing Daily reporter On Weibo, some netizens edited several episodes of Lin Daiyu in the 1987 TV series "Dream of Red Mansions" into a short video.

For example, Zhou Rui’s family came to Lin Daiyu to send flowers. Lin Daiyu asked, "Is it alone for me, or is it else for other girls?" Zhou Ruijia answered, "Everyone has, these two are girls." Lin Daiyu He sneered, "Huh, I know, others will not give me the rest of the left!" And Lin Daiyu arrived in Xue Baozhen’s house, and saw Jia Baoyu here, and said, "I know that he will come if he comes. It ’s not too neglected, nor too lively, how do I do n’t understand this meaning?” Another Lin Daiyu teased Shi Xiangyun. Calling, I love brother and brother "… There are 10,000 people like this short video, 724 people forwarded, and 557 follow -up comments.

Netizen "Tianya N0N0" quoted Lin Daiyu’s words in "Dream of Red Mansions", "Where can I compare them, what golden and jade, I am just a grass -wood man"; netizen "Qingluo Fan Z" quoted Xue Baozhen’s words, "This 颦Girl (Lin Daiyu) has a mouth, which is really love or hate or not. "Netizens" Little Hot Water Bottle "commented," There is no way, it is called Aojiao now, although it is called, but it is better to be Yu Bo broken. It is not a stubborn, transparent, talented, energetic, and hard to love, sometimes I still feel that Baoyu is not worthy of her! "Beiqing Daily reporter also noticed that another netizen" In the Dream of Red Mansions, some playful words and words of Lin Daiyu were selected to make a classic quotation poster, and some of them took her nickname "Lin Yan".

Some netizens even combined with the current mentality of some young people’s academic qualifications and lying on the workplace, and conducted the current life -oriented interpretation and modification of the sentences in this original work. "Perfunctory"; "I can’t live on this day, I will be upset when the news is just waiting for you"; "I am afraid that I wouldn’t be trapped by any sister again, so I was so ignorant." The cake, if I believe it, I am afraid that I will cry and break the intestines. "

  Comment on Lin Daiyu’s self -true nature and talent, which is in line with the current phenomenon of the popularity of young people’s cultural psychology for Lin Daiyu’s "crazy literature". , Xia Xiaoning, Secretary -General of the Red Society of Liaoyang City. At the "100th Anniversary of the New Red Studies" academic forum at the end of July last year at the "100th Anniversary of the New Red Studies", Xia Xiaoning once discussed the "New Media Times" Dream of Red Mansions "Cultural Communication Elements" to find out the classic readers and the current audience of the present audience. Connecting channels, trying to mobilize young people to return to text reading with classic cultural elements, so that "Dream of Red Mansions" still exists in a classic way in the new era, and re -construct the influence of "Dream of Red Mansions" in this way, and this one will use this "Dream of Red Mansions" to bring this. The cultural elements of classic masterpieces are passed on to the new generation of people, becoming our endless national emotion and aesthetic attitude. In Xia Xiaoning’s view, netizens have pushed Lin Daiyu’s "crazy literature" on the hot search. There is nothing bad. The reason why the Internet circulates more is Lin Daiyu, many online literature creation is also mainly Lin Daiyu, because this character can attract the interest of modern readers. Daiyu, including some small videos of Daiyu. "The essence of the Internet is more inclined to social platforms. Lin Daiyu ‘Crazy Literature’ Search and read more than 100 million people. The way of language and body feels cute, interesting, authentic, and enjoyable. "Xia Xiaoning said that this is actually a reflection of Shuangwen’s social discourse, which is in line with the young people who want to be special, talented, culturally culturally cultural Psychology. Only by being spread and liked can more people pay attention. In turn, more attention will attract more people to return to text reading, attract more people to pay attention to Lin Daiyu and "Dream of Red Mansions" This book. Extending young people’s second creation in the plain life to find fun "crazy literature" will become a trace of classic circulating. For netizens combined with the emotional living conditions of some young people in the current workplace, the statement of Lin Daiyu in this original work has been carried out. The interpretation and amendment, Xia Xiaoning said that many young people are indeed based on the original words. This creation is the network attribute. "I personally think that young people may want to express their talents and culture through these words. And use this way of words to find fun in a bland life, not helpless or venting.

"Xia Xiaoning said that some people were afraid of referring to" Dream of Red Mansions "in the future. When they mentioned Lin Daiyu, they would think that Lin Daiyu literature was crazy literature. It is a trace in the classic circulation process.

  In addition, some people questioned that netizens picked out Lin Daiyu’s words to be separated into classic quotes, instead of looking at the context of these words in the original work, and they were suspected of disconnection. In this regard, Xia Xiaoning believes that reading can always restore the truth, time can, and the classic literary classics can not be so fragile. "Our cultural education results are not so fragile for so many years. As long as you have read books, we generally know" Dream of Red Mansions ", and understand that Lin Daiyu will not only be stunned. The changes are indeed a trend away from paper reading, but although many of them are entertaining, the classics are still classic, so don’t worry. Only when the classics are spread can it be valuable. "In fact, sometimes a flute sound has a nostalgia, and a Lin Daiyu will think of a" Dream of Red Mansions ".

Some people discuss it. It is always a good thing. Although many people look down on the puppet of ‘crazy literature’ and think it is very scum, there are no major problems in the discourse, and it ’s interesting to see and speak. "Xia Xiaoning said frankly that if there are more literary guidance, it would be better. Text/reporter Zhang Enjie coordinated/Liu Jianghua.